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What are prohibited goods?
Prohibited goods are those which are forbidden by legal mandate to enter or exit the national territory  

What are restricted goods?
Restricted goods are those which require by legal mandate the authorization of one or more competent entities for purposes of being subject to a certain customs regime.

What is the purpose of prohibiting or restricting goods?
To protect national security, the right to life, health, environment, etc.

What are the consequences of entering or exiting illegal goods, whose importation or exportation are prohibited or restricted in the country? 
Besides the administrative sanctions, a person who is infringing the specific rules or is using ways and means for entering or exiting the country prohibited or restricted goods, whose value is more than two Tax Units, shall be punished by imprisonment for not less than eight years nor more than twelve years and seven hundred and thirty to one thousand four hundred and sixty days-fine according to article 8° of the Criminal Customs Law – Law N° 28008.   

Where can I get the list of restricted and/or prohibited goods?
Click here to download the list of restricted or prohibited goods in Spanish according to the control entity.

What kind of documents is provided by each control entity?
These documents could be authorizations, permissions, resolutions, licenses, records, etc. according to the legal regulation of each competent entity.

Click here to find control entities and documents provided by each entity in Spanish.





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