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Importa Fácil


What is Importa Fácil?

It is a new service implemented by SUNAT, which allows importing or receiving postal consignments from abroad through national postal service company quickly and simply.

Who can access it?

Natural persons or companies importing or receiving postal consignments, such as purchases or gifts from abroad for a value up to US$ 2000.00 American dollars.

How does it work?

If a natural person or company imports or receives the consignment through a national postal service, the process will be easy. Once the consignment arrives in Peru, you will be notified. If item or merchandise contained in the consignment has a value up to US$ 200¹, you do not need to do Customs procedures and need to pay import taxes.

However, if the value is higher than US$ 200 and up to US$ 2000, you could pay import taxes².

What are the benefits?

It is quick:

For the purpose of reducing clearance times, SUNAT has established a unique control in the Air and Postal Customs Intendency and has implemented an electronic system for dealing with your Importa Fácil Declaration (DIF)

Likewise, if it is a consignment with a value up to US$ 200¹, no Customs procedures need to be carried out.

It is simple:

Now, taxes can be paid in any authorized banks by presenting the DIF which can be downloaded for free from SUNAT website (www.sunat.gob.pe) and which contains all your consignment information: status, taxes to pay or notification.


Prohibited goods

The entry of the following goods into Peru are forbidden³:

  • Used clothes and shoes without exception
  • Used vehicle parts  
  • Drug and other similar supplies

Restricted goods

There are also goods of restricted condition³; therefore, an authorization by the appropriate sector for entering Peru is needed. These goods are:

  • Cell phones and other similar devices (permission by Ministry of Transport and Communication – MTC is required; Jr. Zorritos 1203 - Lima)
  • Medicines, vitamins, equipments and other medical equipment (permission by The General Directorate of Medicines, Supplies and Drugs – DIGEMID is required; Av. Las Leyendas Cdra. 1 s/n - San Miguel).

The MTC and DIGEMID authorizations can be processed by Foreign Trade Single Window (www.vuce.gob.pe).


More information:

  • SUNAT website: www.sunat.gob.pe / Contáctenos / Atención Virtual
  • Telephone: 01- 63 43 600 Ext. 20064, 20066, 20603
  • Division of Customs User Support: 1st Floor – SUNAT Building, located at Av. Agustín Gamarra N° 680, Chucuito - Callao.




1 With the exception of restricted goods, consignments sent to a same consignee which have arrived in a same means of transport and  whose total value is higher that US$ 200, and others established by SUNAT (Supreme Decree Nº 244-2013-EF).
2 SUNAT has control on goods once they arrive in Peru and determines taxes to be paid where appropriate (Legislative Decree Nº 1053).
3 See reference list of restricted and prohibited goods in SUNAT website (www.sunat.gob.pe / opción Orientación Aduanera / Mercancías Restringidas y Prohibidas)

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