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Importation of used or new vehicles



The Unique Customs Declaration, which has to be carried out in Peru through customs agency; invoice; insurance policy (optional) and according to the means of transport used, a bill of lading or airway bill.   

  1. For importing used vehicles, it is required to provide on the Unique Customs Declaration the vehicle identification number; the Type-Approval number and registrable details in accordance with Annex V of the National Vehicle Regulations.

If it is a new vehicle, whose importation is made by a natural or a legal person other than person who carried out the Type-Approval, SUNAT will request a proof of the manufacturer or its representative authorized in Peru proving that vehicles to be nationalized correspond to the type-approved vehicle model. A Certificate of Conformity could also be presented by a Certifying Entity authorized by the DGCT (General Directorate for Land Traffic), which certifies that the vehicle corresponds to the Type-Approved Model.
(Article 88º of the National Vehicle Regulations approved by Supreme decree Nº 058-2003-MTC)

  1. Import specifications of Special and Used vehicles indicating the vehicle identification number. Such specifications shall be filled out by the importer of vehicle and undersigned by him/her or his/her legal representative if it is a natural or legal person and a mechanical engineer or electrical mechanic who is a member of a professional association and must be registered before the General Directorate of Land Traffic (DGCT) of the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC). The Customs agent shall present two set of before mentioned document and a copy of it duly authenticated together with DUA following the procedure established in the Circular Nº 009-2004/SUNAT/A de 04.08.2004 for sealing and distribution.

(Article 94º of the National Vehicle Regulations approved by Supreme decree Nº 058-2003-MTC published on 12.10.2003, modified by Supreme Decree Nº 014-2004-MTC published on 28.03.2004).

  1. Inspection report in the regular regime or Second Verification Report of Used Vehicles – Review 2, if it is an importation from CETICOS or ZOFRATACNA, issued by a Certifying Entity authorized by the Ministry of Transport and Communications indicating that the document and physical inspection of vehicle was carried out and that vehicle meets the technical requirements and complies with the current standards related to the Limit Values for pollutant Emissions. The above mentioned reports shall indicate mileage, values resulting from emission tests carried out, and a proof of the accuracy of information in the Import Specifications of Used and Special Vehicles.

The Inspection Report under regular regime may, if it is an import by circumscriptions in which certifying entities would have not been authorized, be exceptionally issued by certifying entities authorized by the Ministry of Transport and Communications.
(Article 94º of the National Vehicle Regulations approved by Supreme decree Nº 058-2003-MTC modified by the Supreme Decree Nº 014-2004-MTC;  article 1º, letter b) of Legislative Decree Nº 843, modified by article 1º of supreme Decree N° 042-2006-MTC).











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