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Goods considered as baggage not subject to tax payment


  • Clothing and personal adornment items of traveler;

  • Toiletries for traveler use;

  • Medicines for traveler’s personal use;

  • One (1) shaver or electric epilator for traveler’s use (traveler must be over 7 years old);

  • Two (2) portable electric appliances for hair and traveler’s use;

  • One (1) unit or one (1) set of sporting goods for traveler’s personal use;

  • One (1) portable electronic calculator;

  • Books, magazines and printed documents for traveler’s personal use;

  • Luggage, bags and other containers commonly used for containing objects comprising the traveler's baggage;

  • One (1) portable musical instrument;

  • One (1) radio receiver or one (1) audio player even with recorder, or one (1) equipment containing them, provided it is portable, self-powered and non-professional;

  • Up to twenty (20) CDs;

  • Two (2) photo cameras;

  • One (1) video camera, provided it is portable, self-powered and non-professional (traveler must be over 7 years old);

  • One (1) portable DVD player;

  • One (1) portable electronic video game for home use;

  • Two (2) external hard discs for PC, four (4) memory cards for digital camera, video camera and/or video game, only if you carry; four (4) USB ports (pen drive), ten (10) cassettes for portable video camera, and ten (10) digital discs for video or videogame;

  • One (1) portable electronic agenda or tablet;

  • One (1) self-powered laptop (travelers must be over 7 years old);

  • Two (2) cell phones (traveler over 7 and under 18 years old can only enter one unit);

  • Up to twenty (20) packs of cigarettes or fifty (50) cigars or two hundred and fifty (250) grams of chopped tobacco or tobacco fiber (traveler must be over 18 years old);

  • Up to three (3) liters of liquor (traveler must be older than 18 years);

  • Auxiliary means and equipment necessary for traveler´s medical control and mobilization (wheel chair, stretcher, crutches, blood pressure meter, temperature meter, glucose meter, and others), which are carried by disabled or ill travelers;

  • One (1) live domestic animal as a pet, which should be previously subject to compliance with sanitary regulations;

  • Items declared in the Temporary Exit Statement, or items that are accredited to be national or nationalized provided that they constitute baggage and due to their quantity are not presumed to be used for commercial purposes;

  • Items for traveler’s use or consumption and gifts which due to their quantity, nature or diversity are not presumed to be used for commercial purposes, for a total value of US$ 500.00 (five hundred US Dollars). In case of electric, electronic devices, tools and equipment which are used in the traveler’s activities, career or job, only one (1) unit per type is permitted.




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