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  • Proof of Custody: Document provided by the Customs Authority to the traveler upon arrival to the country stating goods cannot be removed from the customs area provided that they were declared, remaining in custody until further customs destination or return abroad.
  • Baggage Declaration Form: Compulsory document in which the traveler declares that his/her accompanied baggage: a) does not contain goods subject to taxes or b) contains goods subject to taxes, in which case the corresponding customs destination will be applied. 
  • Temporary Entry/Exit Declaration: Document by which the traveler processes the temporary exit or entry of goods which he/she carries. 
  • Baggage: New or used goods that a traveler may reasonably require provided that they are for traveler’s use or consumption according to the purpose and duration of the trip and, which due to their quantity, nature or variety, are not presumed to be destined for commercial or industrial purposes. 
  • Accompanied Baggage: Baggage carried by traveler when entering or leaving the country.
  • Unaccompanied Baggage: Baggage entering or leaving the country under a transport document by any route or means of transport before or after traveler entries or exits the country.
  • Delayed Baggage: Baggage which traveler should have carried but did not arrived for reasons beyond control.
  • Goods: Goods subject to be classified in the tariff nomenclature and that may be subject to customs regimes. 
  • Portable: Lightweight item designed to be easily hand-carried. 
  • SUNAT: National Superintendency of Customs and Tax Administration.
  • Taxes: Customs duties and other taxes on goods importation.
  • Crew member: A person serving on board of an international means of transport by driving, maneuvering or customer service.
  • Family Unit: Head of family, parents, spouse or partner and children under eighteen (18) years old.
  • Traveler: A person who enters or exits the country, having a passport or official document, whatever his/her length of stay or trip purposes.
  • Non-resident traveler: A person who confirms his/her residence abroad and enters the country for cultural, scientific, sporting, business, technical or other purposes.




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