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Goods considered as Household Goods


Goods considered as household goods for entering the country and which are subject to payment of a single tax of 12% on the customs value are:

  • Furniture in general;

  • Linen and bedding;

  • Glassware, crockery, cutlery and other tableware;

  • Cooking and baking items;

  • Ornament items, including original paintings or prints;

  • Cleaning and similar products for home use;

  • Household tools;

  • Electric household items, one (1) of each type;

  • Books, one (1) per title;

  • Three (3) carpets or tapestries;

  • One (1) telephone set;

  • TV sets;

  • Music players;

  • DVD players;

  • One (1) personal computer and its peripherals;

  • One (1) fax machine;

  • One (1) gym equipment;

  • One hundred (100) units of used phonographic disc, compact disc, digital video disc, magnetic tape recorder, cassette and videocassettes;

  • Bicycles;

  • Toys;

  • Other goods for personal and home use. 

When the amount of allowable goods is not established, this must keep in line with the number of family members and must have a variety which does not imply that they are meant for commercial purposes. Entry of household goods must comply with legal requirements of the General Customs Law and special regulations.


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